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Lately I’ve been trying to decide if I have any creative and/or artistic vision.  I’ve been taking pictures for a long time and feel like I want to produce something that I find satisfying in more ways than just creating a really great family album.  I know that I have good photo’s, (I hope I have good photo’s) but I never really have a place to put them where there will be an opportunity for open criticism.  I’m hoping that here my family and friends and the occasional visitor will feel free to critique and comment.  Maybe from these pages I’ll find my ability to “see” those images that can be found (as Henri Cartier-Bresson has said) in “the decisive moment”. 

From here I will post photographs that I ‘ve taken along with a description of how I took it, why and what it was I was thinking.  I look forward to comments.


Recently while traveling with a new camera and waiting at an airport, I was playing with the automatic/manual focus and exposure settings and snapped this over exposed and out of focus picture.  Because I think everything should be nearly technically perfect, I nearly deleted it while looking at the LCD screen, but decided not to at the last minute because of something that I had read that made sense to me.  Never delete your images in the field.  After I returned home and had an opportunity to look at this I started to like it.  I named it “Travelers” for the obvious reasons, but also for the (maybe) less than obvious, they kind of look like aliens.

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  1. Very nice. They do look like aliens. I not only don’t delete but I wait a good month (and much longer) before I start deleting from the computer. Sometimes it takes a while to see the thing that made you take the photo in the first place. Distance can sometimes be good.

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