A Day and Evening In The City (Seattle, WA)

December 28, 2013

The Classic Martini and my sweet Lisa Mae at Olivers in
the Mayflower Park Hotel

A sort of birthday, Christmas, anniversary celebration. Lisa and I went to the city for wine, food and song to celebrate another fabulous year together. We shopped, had lunch at a Japanese place, drinks at Oliver’s, appetizers at The Palace Kitchen and saw Pancho Sanchez at Jazz Alley. Fun night!

I wanted to take advantage of the day out in the city and do some street photography and brought my OMD and my new iPhone 5s.

Who could refuse?  
Plus have you ever had the 
Mac n Cheese at the Icon Grill in Seattle?

But I was just too distracted.  Caught up in the moments that we were sharing as a couple, as friends and not seeing the photographic opportunities as they’re unfolding around me.

The discovery I made is that seeing and making photographs while shopping and being attentive to others doesn’t really work well for me getting the images I might otherwise want to make.  So I went back to the car, put my OMD and the extra lens I had away and decided to shoot using only my new iPhone 5s.

And, while not as good as my Olympus, it didn’t really disappoint either.  Dark streets, dark clubs, bright neon and no real way to make adjustments (using the built in camera) it still managed to deliver some web capable images that will keep a moment in time and leave a trail of memories of the night.

So story telling versus high quality image making is the point and I really like telling little stories.

A (not so) new Japanese restaurant in the
Pike Place Market area.  Pretty good food, really slow service and really busy.
Pancho Sanchez, live at Jazz Alley in downtown Seattle.  Great show.

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