Cafe Campagne, DeLaurentis, Pike Place and Westlake Center. A Saturday morning stroll through downtown Seattle, Washington with the Sony A7ii and Zeiss 35mm/f2.8.

I’m still playing around in the “small camera” world of mirror-less cameras and enjoying it more and more by the day.  I have changed things up a bit by adding a new camera to the offerings and today I gave it a run on the streets of Seattle.  Lisa and I decided to take a day trip to the city for a little shopping, dining and site seeing and of course this is my opportunity to take pictures.

Lunch at Cafe Campange.
Lunch at Cafe Campange.

The camera du jour is the remarkable Sony A7ii coupled with the Zeiss 35mm/f2.8.  This small bodied, mirror-less, full frame sensor camera is an absolute joy to use.  It feels just right in my hands, around my neck, it looks nice and it’s easy to use.  Even navigating the menu is relatively easy.

The parts of Seattle that we visited today are the central areas that attract visitors from all over the world.  Local artisans, street people, shoppers, residents and tourists alike are all over the streets especially on a beautiful end of summer day.

Shopping for flowers at Pike Place Market
Shopping for fresh vegetable from local growers at Pike Place Market

Having lunch at one of the many seafood offering in Pike Place Market, and maybe wondering why some stranger is pointing a camera at you.

Lunch in Pike Place Market
Sampling fruit from just one of the many local growers
Lisa buying incense from our favorite Hindu store in the Market
Finding Jesus at 5th and Pine in Westlake Center
Chess in the Park
Ping Pong in the Westlake Center Park
Lamb Burger from the Cafe Campange
Maybe someone got in a little trouble here.

Another fun day in the city.  Good food, fun people watching, great shopping and wonderful weather.  And the new Sony A7ii with the Zeiss 35/2.8 is definitely a keeper.  I buy, trade and rent lots of cameras but this one is feeling like the best of the lot so far.  It fills that need I’ve had of going small and keeping my gear as light as possible but this camera does it with big camera results.  The 24mp, full frame sensor really delivers and it’s small compact form isn’t tiring or in the way.  I’ll be keeping this one for a while.

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