Fall ~ 2016

We are currently in the middle of the wettest October in our history.  I don’t know how many inches of rain we’ve had to date but it is soggy, everywhere.  Getting out to find our typical fall colors hasn’t been easy this year.  Big wind storms, lot of rain, very little travel and no creative juices flowing, has largely kept the cameras in the bag with only a few exceptions.

The first big windstorm of the season turned out to be no wind storm at all.

The month of October started out with a windstorm that blew most of the leaves from the trees down.  But we did get what was billed as the biggest windstorm of the season so I drove out to the coast, to Westport, Washington to have a look and maybe get a few shots of some big waves.  The photo above is pretty much the biggest wave we got, at least that night.  I heard there was more to be seen the next day.

Downtown Westport, Washington as the “big” storm was preparing to make landfall.

By the time the storm had passed it had blown much of leaves off of the trees so fall colors were a little scarce from this time forward.  But not entirely.  After doing a little driving around I was lucky and found a few places that still had a bit of color.

Near the Tahuya River, Tahuya, Washington

This was one of those days when I felt I needed to get out with camera in hand and find something, anything to shoot.  To find some inspiration, some creativity, anything to open up the otherwise clogged up creative channels.

So when that happens I load up a little gear, not much because I don’t want to get lost in the process of thinking in terms of gear, get in the car, pick a direction and drive.  Typically I’ll drive away from the busier side life but not always.  Sometimes I’ll drive straight into the city to connect with an other kind of life view.

Saw this car placed purposely at the beginning of someones driveway.  It looked like it matched the fall colors surrounding it.

On another weekend my lovely wife and I decided on one of our regular weekend drives to Port Townsend, Washington.  It’s a “can’t miss” kind of place.  It’s a beautiful drive getting there, the town is historic and beautiful.  There are a dozen plus good places to eat and lots of really good coffee spots with fabulous views of the Puget Sound and mountains.

It’s a wonderful place to walk, talk and it’s relaxed atmosphere lends itself toward day dreaming.

Port Townsend, Washington

The month of October ended up with a celebration.  My sweet wife had a significant birthday and off to the big city (Seattle) we went for a couple of days.  Dining at the best seafood restaurants, Martini’s and wine at fun bars, shopping and best of all walking and laughing our way through the city.


And so comes to a close another wonderful October and the end of another beautiful Fall in the Pacific Northwest.

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