A short trip to Victoria BC

Lucky me, I’m off again on an other getaway. Back to one of my favorite cities in north America, Victoria BC.  It’s easy to get here, it’s inexpensive to get here and it’s beautiful getting here. Then when you arrive you’re immersed in a culture of happy people whos apparent collective ambition is to get along with each other and be happy. Nice place. The reason, other than just loving it here, that I come as often as I do, is to visit with my good friend

Lewis (aka) Bud

Lewis. One of the best men I know. A good friend and a kind citizen to humanity.   We will walk, drink, dine and score enough laughs to satisfy any thirst for levity, which if you’re coming from the US, a little levity is sorely needed right now.

This short weekend will be spent mostly walking around looking for photos. Lewis is working both days I’m here so I’ll have a rare opportunity to walk and shoot with time on my hands and a mind and heart focused on stories.

Port Angeles, Washington. This is the dock from which the BlackBall Ferry service operates the Coho Ferry.
I couldn’t resist grabbing a quick shot of this lovely woman and her hail swirling out of control. I did look for her afterward and gave her a copy of the image.

The view arriving into the Inner Harbor is always beautiful and always welcoming, no matter the weather.

The Inner Harbor and The Empress Hotel

Victoria is a great city for walking around and making surprise discoveries. There are so many small restaurants covering nearly every type of cuisine you can imagine and in most cases it’s done perfectly and always with a welcoming smile. This mornings stroll took me to breakfast at Relish, a small restaurant with imaginative pairings and amazing results.  I had the Baked Eggs with chard, spinach, Brie and salad and it was delicious.

Wandering around after breakfast I came across a lot of beautiful and old architecture. I couldn’t find the date of this church But the stone work and stained glass was magnificent.img_0400

Inside the church a choir was singing and their voices embraced the feeling you got while standing in awe of this places beauty.img_0397Hidden treasures for photographers are everywhere and without even looking too hard. Tomorrow’s my last full day here and back to the US I go on the BlackBall Coho Ferry.  No matter how long the stay, this lively, happy place is always a treasure.

Until next time.

The Canadian flag flying over City Hall. Also the view from bedroom at Lewis’s condo. Lucky me.

The Canadian flag flying over City Hall. Also the view from my bedroom window at Lewis’s condo. Lucky me.

So for now I have fond memories and photos and the good fortune of knowing I can go back to beautiful Victoria BC anytime.  A short drive to Port Angeles, an hour and a half on a really nice ship and I’m there.

The Coho Ferry at the BlackBall Ferry Terminal

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