Astoria, Oregon


Astoria, Oregon is the city connected to Washington State by this beautiful bridge.  It’s also the city we Washingtonians drive right through on our way to Oregons beautiful west coast.  It’s not a city that many people stop in because you’re almost always on your way to somewhere else.  After too many years of doing just that I decided to go to Astoria just to see Astoria.  What an absolute pleasant surprise that turned out to be.

After getting there and checking in to one of the friendliest hotels I’ve ever been at, The Atomic Motel, Dan the proprietor gave me a quick verbal walk through Astorias sites, restaurants and bars. That gave me enough information to get me started on a truly wonderful walk along “The River Walk”, through downtown and to a couple of really nice brew houses.  No shortage of great brews in this town.

Along the way I met people who live and work here, recent transplants from both Portland and Washington, met people just visiting, had really good food and felt charmed by the entire experience.

My understanding of the city is that it’s been beat up pretty bad over the years and doesn’t do so well economically.  Although looking around the neighborhoods it appears that the residents of this small town have a lot a pride in how their city looks.  It’s clean and well kept.  There are a few abandoned commercial buildings in the core but there is also a new life, a new culture coming to this town.  You can feel the vibe talking to the people who live here.

View of Astoria, Oregon from The Aster Column

Nicholas.  Bartender at The Fort George Brew House.

Upstairs at The Fort George Brew House

Fort George Brewery

Street Fourteen Cafe.  Great place for a wonderful breakfast and coffee

There are plenty of restaurants that will appeal to every level of taste.

Sunset on Astoria, Oregon

Friends in town visiting and taking out bikes for a ride along Astorias “River Walk”.  A really beautiful walk along the Columbia River.  Bikes are courtesy of The Atomic Motel.

Astoria Column

The wreck of the Peter Iredale at Fort Stevens State Park.  A 15 minute drive west of Astoria.

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