Living Together

We have been given the hearts and minds to learn and to teach.  As a species that relies on each other, for almost everything, the decision to be hateful and worse to encourage and teach it, knowing that our time together in this life is amazingly short, baffles the mind and hurts the heart. Loving and teaching love is so much easier and a much better life follows.

When I photographed these Sandpipers I was amazed that hundreds and hundreds of them could, simultaneously lift off the ground, fly with their wings overlapping each others, do a big complex circle in the sky then all land again and keep on foraging for food together. I know we’re not capable of that but it could be nice to try.


So be kind to someone today. Let someone in front of you on the road. Say something nice and be encouraging to a child. Smile and make eye contact and say hi. It’s easy and its guaranteed to have a positive impact and it will improve your day. Try it there’s nothing to lose.

Thanks for following along,


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