Seeking Silence and Solitude


It’s not always easy and at times you can even find yourself at odds with those around you, and yourself, for seeking silence and solitude. In our world of constant input from media sources, of all kinds, trying to find the time to refresh ourselves and be in touch with our inner thoughts can seem an unobtainable task. But it is not a task. It is a continuing and necessary goal to becoming a better version of you.

Give yourself permission and seek silence. Find a place where you are free to allow your mind to wander, unencumbered by the daily needs to accomplish tasks.

Continue the quest to seek your highest and best self for you and for those you touch.

“Seek silence.
Gladden in silence.
Adore silence.

As one progresses on the path, one seeks silence more and more.
It will be a great comfort, a tremendous source of solace and peace.

Once you find deep solitude and calm, there will be a great gladness in your heart.
Here finally is the place where you need neither defense nor offense — the place where you can truly be open.
There will be bliss, wonder, the awe of attaining something pure and sacred.

After that, you will feel adoration of silence.
This is the peace that seems to elude so many.
This is the beauty of Tao.”
–  Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao Daily Meditations

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