GoGo Penguin Live Studio Session at KNKX

This was my lucky day.  First it’s well known that I love Jazz.  It even says so on the back of my car.  I even make my friends listen to it when they’d probably rather listen to something else.  But I love it.  I have a nice vinyl collection, plenty of CD’s and tons of digital files downloaded to my devices.

I lean towards old school jazz from the late 1940’s through the mid 1960’s. Although there’s plenty of great jazz musicians both before and after that date range.  I just happen to like that era best.

But it’s getting old.  Not so much to me but to the listening masses.  Jazz feels like it’s hurting for a new listening audience.  It needs the infusion of new, young and inspired listeners.  It needs to be freshened up with some new sounds, some new young blood.

Enter The GoGo Penguin Trio a band of young, innovative guys who are turning the heads of many music aficionado and asking, who are these guys and what is this music?

The GoGo Penguin L-R Rob Turner (drummer), Chris Illingworth (pianist) and Nick Blacka (double bassist)

It’s not exactly jazz in the traditional sense since their music is infused with other sounds such as; electronica, trip-hop, jazz, rock and classical music. But it is good, it’s so good. It’s jazz and much more. Their music washes over and through you feeding the soul and leaving you with a feeling exuberance.

So how was it my lucky day? I received an invitation from Abe Beeson at KNKX 88.5 Seattle/Tacoma (Jazz, Blues and NPR News) to sit in on a GoGo Penguin

Abe Beeson, Host of Evening Jazz on KNKX 88.5

live studio session at the KNKX studios in Seattle. Until that moment I hadn’t heard of this trio and quickly started searching for them on-line. I found out that they’re relatively new (2012), they’re from the U.K. where they have a big following and their recent project, besides another new album coming out soon, is scoring the cult film classic Koyaanisqatsi ~ Life out of balance.  They are young, genuine, friendly and could not be nicer . Watching them perform was a true pleasure. You can see and feel their connection to each other while watching and listening to them play.

The GoGo Penguin setting up for their live studio session at KNKX    
Nick Blacka (bassist)                                
Chris Illingworth (pianist)

They’re newest album Man Made Object is loaded with one great song after another. I recommend making it your lucky day and giving these guys a try.

Many thanks to Abe Beeson at KNKX for the invitation.

Thanks for following along,


Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; Victoria, BC and Seattle,Washington. Wine tastings and a Seahawks Superbowl Victory. Ghosts and the Underground tours in Seattle. It's been a fun start to 2014.

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