The Barrett Martin Group Live Studio Session at KNKX

Are you kidding me, two weeks in a row I’ve been able to sit in on a live studio session at KNKX studios in Seattle. Thank you so much to Abe Beeson host of Evening Jazz for giving me a shot at one of the last available seats to hear The Barrett Martin Group in a live broadcast studio session.

Abe Beeson (L) with The Barrett Martin Group

This group, led by Barrett Martin (also the drummer), is electrifying. Piano, guitar, stand-up bass, horns and drums and in this session vocals by Jeff Angell, will move you to a level of involvement with the music that makes it impossible to sit still. You’ll want to get up and dance or at the very least find something to pound on, if you don’t have your own drum or Djembe.

The songs are written by Barrett Martin and are a compilation of his world travels and meetings with and playing with musicians that he’s met and friended from all over the globe.

And it sounds like it. There’s a world groove going on in his music that makes you feel connected to cultures you may not have visited yourself, but after hearing his sounds you may find yourself wanting to explore the roots of his inspiration.

The session studio was packed today with both the group (there’s eight of them altogether when Jeff Angell is singing) and a lucky few guests (yours truly included) so it was a little tight and I wasn’t able to get many good photographs. Plus there was another photographer there with several cameras shooting both stills and videos so I felt like I needed to stay out of the way.  But I did manage to squeeze off a couple shots.

The Barrett Martin Group
The Barrett Martin Group ~ Barrett standing


The Barrett Martin Group is a class act with amazing sound, cool groves and a world vibe that will satisfy anyone.  Music at it’s best.

If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area you can see and hear them tomorrow night at Jazzbones

Thanks again to Abe Beeson for the invite and KNKX for hosting these live studio sessions.

Thanks for following along,

Portland, Oregon


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