Rainy Days and Photowalks in the Pacific Northwest

So what do you do during the spring months in the Pacific Northwest if you’re a photographer and enjoy being outside? You go out in it. If you don’t you’ll end up sitting around the house wishing you had gone. Part of the decision to go out is usually based somewhat on the weather report. But after living here for nearly 40 years I can tell you, Don’t let the weather report keep you from going outside and doing stuff. It’s not that the weather people are wrong, these days they’re actually pretty accurate, it’s that it changes so fast and where you’re going it may not be that bad.

Approaching Seattle by Ferry on what looks like a pretty wet day.

Plus we northwesterners know how to dress for these rainy spring days. Light, rain proof clothes from light jackets to boots,. You can cover yourself, be comfortable and stay warm and dry, all day.

With respect to gear it’s easy to keep it warm and dry too. Plus I know this stuff isn’t cheap and you don’t want to damage it, but hey if you’ve spent that much on your art/hobby tools why not get it out in conditions that provide great opportunities. I protect my gear with a simple one-gallon baggie and a rubber band. Cut off one of the corners, stick the camera in the baggie with the lens hood out and rubber band the baggie around it. Done.

I also wear a light weight jacket that’s a little big and my camera can be zipped right up inside. Warm and dry. Now you’re ready for a walk on a cool, wet day, fresh clean air to breath in and photo opportunities everywhere.

As soon as I got off the ferry the rain let up and folks came out with their friends for their morning rituals.

From the photo at the top, “approaching Seattle” the rain squall looked very unpromising for a fun photo walk. But in just the ten minutes it took to get to the dock, the rain let up, people came out and photo opportunities presented themselves everywhere.

Time for a walk, a smoke and a check of social media

Seattle is a great walking city. There are hills, views everywhere, coffee on every corner and really good food of any ethnicity you could want. After walking, enjoying a cup of coffee and stopping for lunch, you’re back out on the street ready for more photographs.

Kell’s Irish Pub for lunch
Lunch with friends
The Exchange. Fresh fruit for used money.
Buskers at Pike Place Market
Washington State Ferry in the Puget Sound just departing downtown Seattle. And my ride home later today.

Long story short; don’t let weather change your plans for the day. Embrace it, dress for it, get in it. It’s fun, it’s always rewarding and you’ll be happy you did it.



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