February 2019 ~ The month in Pictures and words

February feels to me like, O.K., that’s it, I’ve had enough winter and I’m ready for drier, warmer weather with some blue sky. February 2019 has been cold with lots of snow and very few days of blue skies. When it’s cold and wet and dark like this it makes it hard to get out and enjoy this beautiful state. But get out and enjoy is what you have to do or, for some of us, cabin fever becomes an issue.

We got 20 inches of snow over about 3 days at our house. That much snow here is a disaster. Everything stops. Grocery stores shelves empty, long lines form at gas stations and power goes out. And everyone looks forward to the idea of being forced to stay in and drop out. But that attitude doesn’t last very long. 20190211-DSCF3111After about 3 days of having ‘dropped out’ most of us are done and ready to get back out there. This years unusual snow forced us to stay in for nearly a week. It was tough. We caught up on some television, 20190208-DSCF2686played backgammon, shoveled snow and fed birds. There was some jazz to spin on the turntable and a martini to help relieve the pressure of cabin fever. Outside the temps dipped down into the 20’s. I know, compared to many places and situations this sounds like a case of white whine.20190209-DSCF3100Friends who could walk over joined us during one of the power outages for dinner (cooked on the gas stove) and we talked, ate and drank wine by candlelight. Not a bad way to survive a winter storm.

But that wasn’t the entire month. The month started out in LaConner, Washington20190202-DSCF3091 for breakfast after a few days of camping at Deception Pass, Washington and ended in Portland, Oregon for the PDX Jazz Festival. Sadly the driving wind and rain in Portland made getting from venue to venue so unpleasant that I decided to give it up.

The Dan Balmer Quartet at the Art Bar on Broadway, Portland, Oregon

Photography sort of ground to a slow halt too. I did have a photo shoot for KNKX20190219-DSCF3195 and was able to meet and hang out with Dick Stein for a bit. Dick is the Pacific Northwests best Jazz Delivery System.

Of course there were plenty of backyard photos of the snow. Shot’s around the house of food, turntables and records was really the best I could do.

So we are all excited about March. The clocks get pushed forward so we will have longer days (more light) and temperatures should get up into the 50’s and life in the Pacific Northwest can resume its normal rainy day status.




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