March 2019 ~ The Month in Pictures and Words

A new family member, a camping trip and a film festival made up a fairly easy going month.

First meet Henry, a Scottish Fold and the newest member of our family. He is however Emmas charge so we’ll only get to see him when she’s home from school. He must be one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met with a very nice disposition. We all loved him immediately.


Next up was a winter camping trip. I enjoy camping year round. I like it when it’s warm, when it’s raining and even when it’s a little cold. But, just to keep things in perspective I also go camping in a heated, dry, luxury trailer with a kitchen, bathroom and comfortable bed. So it’s not necessarily “roughing it”. This trip was to Eastern Washington. Although it was kind of cold, high temps for the day were around 40 and lows around 28, it was always sunny, and on the high plains of eastern Washington that makes a difference. Our camp was set up at Sun Lakes State Park

The Team Rust mission for this camp trip was to discover some history at a couple of Ghost Towns; Farmer,Wa. and St. Andrews, Wa., then visit a couple of cemeteries and some abandoned old homesteads. of course we never violate “no trespassing” signs and never disturb a property in any way. As usual we were intrigued with what we found and enjoyed documenting bits and pieces of our historical past. A full collection of images from this trip can be seen here   Team Rust goes to Douglas County, Wa and all our Team Rust trips can be seen here at Team Rust Adventures

Abandon Homestead, Douglas County, Wa

This was a slightly shorter trip for me but a fun one none-the-less.

L-R Tom, Jeff and Mark in front of the Town Bar & Grill, established in 1902.
George at Sun Lakes State Park
Camp at Sun Lakes State Park L-R Mark, Jeff, John and George. Me in front.


After returning from the camping trip I had an assignment to photograph Film Makers in the process of making their short films for a 72 hour competition sponsored by The Gig Harbor Film Festival .20190324-DSCF3989I spent a few days driving around to locations where film makers were shooting and a final day shooting the awards ceremony. I had a great time doing this and learned that filmmaking is chaotic and can be very unorganized if not planned out.

The best or most fun part of this assignment was seeing the amount of young people involved with filmmaking.

Winners of the 12 and under group

Young people with a story to tell, some with a video camera and others with nothing more than a cell phone and software. Yet their short 6 minute films tell amazing stories from start to finish.

The Gig Harbor Film Festival folks do a wonderful job of reaching out to the community and inspiring filmmakers by providing them a place to go, a venue, a purpose and a challenge. More photos of the Gig Harbor Film Festivals 72 Hour Competition can be seen here GHFF 72 Hour Competition


With such a busy spring and summer coming up, I’m grateful for this having been a little slower month.

And that’s a wrap.




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