October~2019 The Month in Pictures and Words

It’s fall in the Pacific Northwest, it’s cool, it’s colorful, the move is done and we’re adjusting to our new home and daily patterns. Having lived and traveled all over the world, I have grown used to change in my life. But I had never lived in one place for as long as I lived in our last home, 16 years. That made this change more difficult.

It’s been a month now since we’ve relocated so I know it’ll get easier but it’s odd how complacent you can get being in one place. In our new home I’m trying to figuring out which light switch turns on which light, where the right spot is for the right amount of hot water in the shower, which drawer is the silverware in, finding the grocery store, pharmacy and restaurants. Timing how long it takes to get to familiar places. It’s all new. But with each passing day it gets more familiar and little easier.

Now it’s time to reconnect with our normal lives; visiting friends, planning outings, picking our hobbies back up, playing cribbage and getting ready for the holidays.

Since I’m not one to sit around I didn’t waste time getting out and October turned out to be a pretty fun month, all things considered. After wrapping up the move at the first of the month there was a fun trip to the city (Seattle) for a night of jazz with the Christian Sands Trio, which I photographed for KNKX 88.5 Jazz, Blues and NPR News at Jazz Alley;20191015-DSCF7970 our daughter Emma came home for a few days to see the new house; I got a new camera and a couple new lenses; took a day trip with my friend Mike to try out our new gear and went to the coast for a couple of days of camping and clamming. Unfortunately I managed to pick up a cold that held me down for a week plus.

All in all it turned out to be a fun month and I now know which drawer the silverware is in and which switch turns on the kitchen lights and where the right location on the shower dial is for a hot shower. Life is slowly returning to normal.

New gear; Fujifilm XH1, Fuji 16-55/2.8 and Fuji 90/2
A fall drive around Gig Harbor, Washington
Clamming at the coast with friends (Curt). Copalis Beach, Washington
Clam diggers at low tide, Copalis Beach, Washington

And now the holidays are upon us. Friends, family, food, drink and many good times lie ahead. I’m leaving in a few days for a short trip to see my Grandson’s college life, my Granddaughters Cheer leading life and visit with Erika and Jimmy. Then I’ll be making plans for a trip to Taipei to visit Steve in January for Chinese New Year.

Even though these past few months have been difficult; staying optimistic, forward looking, planning and staying on track has proven to be the path. As much fun as it looks in these pictures, it hasn’t been easy. There have been tears, broken hearts, confusion and pain. But it is getting easier.


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