About Me

I live in the Pacific Northwest.  Specifically Gig Harbor, Washington.  I travel, I take pictures of almost everything and I love making memories and telling stories.  Part of my family is spread across the globe, the rest are right here with me.

I take photos of people, nature and things to remind me of the beauty I see all around me everyday.  I take photos to leave a trail of the things I see and the places I’ve been and of the people I’ve met and the people I know.  I take photos because each and every one of them tell a story of a moment in time that is true to me and close to my heart.

The professional work I do covering Jazz venues, KNKX 88.5 Jazz, Blues and NPR News, The Gig Harbor Film Festival and corporate events offer another avenue into meeting new people, making new friends and memories and having fun with my camera.

The blog I write is to keep a record of the photographs I’ve taken, the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the stories I like to tell.


For a view of a regularly growing collection of those things that interest me the most, visit and see more of my photos here;  My Photos at Tom Collins Photography

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